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Psychosexual Evaluations in Phoenix, Arizona

At PCS Forensic, our experienced forensic psychologists conduct psychosexual assessments across the greater Phoenix area. We have extensive expertise providing these evaluations for legal cases under court order as well as privately.

Serving communities throughout the state of Arizona for over 30 years.

Our Psychosexual Evaluation Services in Phoenix

What is a Psychosexual Evaluation?

A psychosexual evaluation is a comprehensive assessment conducted by a licensed forensic psychologist to evaluate risk factors and provide treatment recommendations.

These in-depth evaluations may be court-mandated or requested by attorneys, healthcare providers, or the judicial system. Psychosexual assessments address topics such as the risk of sexual reoffending, psychological functioning, deviant sexual interests, and arousal patterns.

The psychologist integrates interviews, medical records, psychological tests like the MMPI-2, Static-99R, and other data sources to inform their evaluation and conclusions.

Assessment services are provided to:

  1. Private parties
  2. Attorneys
  3. Governmental agencies

Reasons for a Court-Ordered Psychosexual Exam

  • For individuals charged with or convicted of a sexual offense
  • To assess risk of sexual recidivism if released
  • When sexual abuse allegations arise in family court
  • To evaluate fitness for continued professional service
  • To assess treatment progress and amenability

What to Expect During a Psychosexual Evaluation

If you have been ordered by a court to undergo a psychosexual evaluation, you may be wondering what exactly is involved in the assessment process. 

Our Psychosexual Evaluation Services in Phoenix

The forensic psychologists at PCS Forensic have conducted many psychosexual assessments in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Our experience includes serving as expert witnesses and providing evaluations for:

  • Criminal sexual offenses
  • Sexually violent person determinations
  • Child custody disputes involving sexual abuse accusations
  • Treatment progress and risk assessments
  • Professional fitness evaluations

Psychological & Consulting Services

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Serving communities throughout the state of Arizona for over 30 years.
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